One Rooster Restaurant & Bar

Hello all!

Last week after work I went to a restaurant with a some friends. We went to this newly opened place called One Rooster. We heard about it because one of my colleague’s brother is a co-owner of the place, and well you know, advertise anywhere and everywhere you can. It’s a Mongolian food and bar restaurant, and I was pretty psyched to check it out.

I don’t know how familiar people are with Mongolian food, but most times Mongolian restaurants have you pile up a bowl of whatever you want, then they’ll cook it then and there in front of you. It’s like Great Khan, a mall fast food joint back in the West Coast; not sure if it’s common here in the East Coast or not. Anyways, so the set up is you grab a bowl, as if you were at a buffet, and you pile this bowl with several choices. First, your main carb: Noodles (various choices) or rice (various choices). Next you can add on whatever and however much veggies you want; they have baby corn, green onions, white onions, green, orange, and yellow peppers, snow peas, broccoli, etc etc. After the veggies, you ladle up the sauce right on top. They’ve got these pre-made sauces for you to choose from. Reading the menu’s description of the sauces prior to walking down the buffet-style line and stock piling your bowl is necessary. Last, you get one more smaller bowl to choose your protein and season it yourself if you’d like. There’s also a special add-on section (quinoa, roti, tortilla, etc alternatives). It’s a really cool concept, and I personally really love Mongolian restaurants.

The biggest pro of this place has got to be the interior design. I love how contemporary it is. I know most times contemporary and modern are used interchangeably, but I feel that modern is now most associated with minimalism. This place was not styled with minimalism. It had good spacing, lots of elbow room and plenty of seating, some nice feng-shui going on, and the lighting was perfect for casual evenings. There’s a sense of a sunset orange colored theme going around the place too, but I didn’t observe that too closely until after we were leaving. Overall, the environment of this place makes me think yes, I would definitely come back and recommend this as a go to joint to hang out and catch up with a group of friends.

The biggest con of this place would be the food. It wasn’t terrible by any means, but it wasn’t delicious either. I’m not Mongolian, but personally I felt that the food tasted like nothing special. It could have been something I botched up on at home and just ate as my lunch for the rest of the week because it wasn’t a terrible botch up. Nothing special, nothing great. The problem with that though is that this restaurant’s draw is the very fact that it’s a Mongolian style restaurant, so we’re walking into the restaurant with some higher than average expectations on the food.

Final outcome? Check it out at least once. I think the vibe of the place is worth it. The portions aren’t bad either if you pile it high. Don’t worry, the food will definitely fit 😉 Just stack vertically.


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