It’s been a little while. Two weeks now, almost.

Life has been busy, and my mind is a jumble.

A few thoughts running through my mind lately:

  1. It must suck to figure out your sexuality if it isn’t the ‘regular’ boy likes girl or vice versa type.
  2. If I ever had a kid and he/she came out and told me they are not of the boy likes girl sexuality type, what would my reaction be? (whatever my reaction, I doubt it’d be rejection)
  3. Painting houses is a work out.
  4. Houses are a pain, but also awesome, but also why the fuck do people even care, just buy a good sound proofed up condo??
  5. My introvert levels are in danger levels. I broke my water bottle today, and I think part of the reason why I got angry enough to throw my water bottle (in a very public location) is because of my dangerously low introvert energy levels.
  6. I like hanging out with people though, I just seriously need a break to myself though. I can’t deal with with an entire week without proper solo-time.
  7. I hate people who don’t understand introversion. Strongly dislike** not quite hate. Seriously annoyed by**?
  8. I want to travel the world, but really I just want to rack up experiences in life beyond what the corporate office and living at home seems to be offering me.
  9. Jealousy is terrible and difficult to remove.
  10. Food is life and heart.

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