Outside the Window

My apologies to anyone and myself for not writing in so long. I have my excuses, but let’s not get into that shall we?

In a spur of the moment moment, I decided I wanted to maybe do a daily creative writing prompt idea. We’ll see if I actually stick to it daily, but for now let’s talk about what’s outside the window.

It’s spring, and there’s been spotty thunderstorms all week. A cat was waiting for me as I got out of my car after work today. He was a spotted cat, black and white. A little fat for a stray. He walked me toward my front door and ran away just before I turned the curve up to the porch. The porch really needs some work. The bushes are growing out of their boxy shape and into pointy cloud shapes. Dandelion wish flowers are flourishing all over the front yard. It seems cat scat is also flourishing a bit on the yard. Damned cat. I set my two lunch bags down on the porch as I struggle to find the right key to open the door. There are only four keys on the ring, why in the world is it so difficult to grab the correct one? Finally, I get the right key, and unlock the door. I pick up my lunch bags and realize there are also ants on the porch. Spring huh?

Ok, that’s all I’ve got right now. It’s getting a bit late, and it’s a weekday y’all. Work awaits me in the morning.

Have a good, thunderous night.


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