August 12, 2017 Perseid Meteor Shower

It's currently 2 AM and I'm debating if I should stay up late like another two to three hours to watch this meteor shower or not. I may not even be able to see anything because of the damned street lights and cloud cover and the three quarters full moon. My sleep schedule hasn't been the best either, and it's really taking its toll. My diet is the same. I am breaking out in acne all over my cheeks, my forehead, and I constantly feel like my oil control is totally off, and I think my skin is getting rather sallow and basically just lost its vitality look. It's making me sad. And I thought maybe watching the meteor shower would make me feel happier. I don't know. Sigh.
Life has been difficult lately. It feels like I can't really talk about it though because. I dunno. Talking negative brings about negative aura. I want to surround myself with good auras and that has to start with myself. Auras. I feel like I sound like an indie-modern wannabe. Ugh. Whatever. Anyways, it is clear to me that I am not eating a proper diet, I am not sleeping properly, and that these two things are definitely making everything else worse than they could be in my life, and that these two things are also not the source of my issue(s) though. I think I will sleep and wake up regretting that I didn't watch the meteor shower. The only plus is that this meteor shower comes every year. I may also just be sad because of my period causing hormonal imbalance, which is in turn affected by my diet and sleep.
It's been only two weeks and I feel like I've aged so much in these two weeks. Am I dying internally yet? I don't know. I'm dying physically. Just one look can show how awful things have been since the move. It's really bad. I dreaded this and I came anyways. Gods. Who knows. Whatever. Fuck. I haven't reached a point where I internally want to cry my eyes out but outwardly cannot, so I guess it's manageable. It just still feels overwhelming. Probably my blog is about to turn into some rant hole.
On another note, #foodAtlanta , Urban Cookhouse in Sandy Springs has got some bomb ass mac cheese pasta. Like damn, son, so freakin' good. Takeya sushi is also pretty good. Jinya Ramen not so great. Overrated, and the ramen made me feel sick afterward. All these are on Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs, and all within this one area on Roswell Rd. It seems all the noteworthy restaurants there are kind of crowded into this little section of the street.


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