Harry Potter Marathon

Okay, I don’t have much to say tonight. Although that might be due to the fact that I’ve been entirely distracted by this Harry Potter marathon that’s going on on USA and SyFy channel ❤️

This series is definitely a significant part of my childhood. I day dreamed about what Hogwarts would be like really if it existed, and what life would be like if I met a witch or wizard. No dreams about being one since I was past 11 years-old when I first began reading it, but ah, they were really wonderful dreams. I love everything it gave to my imagination. Also, the theme song is lit, haha. Thank you to John Williams for creating a theme song we all recognize within the first second (seriously, in one second I can identify the theme song).

Really funny thing I’ve just noticed, between the first and second movie, Daniel Radcliffe goes through puberty and you can hear how his voice changed. His face loses some of the baby fat too, so sad. I absolutely loved the first movie. It was positively up to the task of matching the imagination.

Alright, back to the marathon! Have a good night everyone.


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