A Move for a Change

Good afternoon to any and all,

I know I haven’t posted much on my blog, but I think today is the day I’m going to start actively changing my habits.

I moved to Atlanta about six months ago in hopes of freedom, change, and independence, and  you know, all the dreams that a fresh out of college graduate has. I was full of hope and energy, ready to take on the challenges that were sure to arise. I totally deflated and ended up settling, ha! I didn’t do it consciously, but I definitely allowed my fall into it, and I’ve only just recently become consciously aware that yes, I have fallen and settled into the little hole I fell into. I currently work a tiny entry-level position job as a coordinator in a small company. The company is cool, definitely, and I would never have accepted the job if I didn’t have any interest in the company, but it’s not related to my major (English, surprise surprise) and it isn’t where I see myself several years down the line.

I thought a lot about the move here, and then I thought a lot about the position I am in now. I learned that I’m a total freshie, a newbie, and there’s a lot I have left to learn and experience, and that that excites the heck out of me still. It makes me feel anxious and ready to jump toward the future, again. I know of course that responsibility and keeping a roof over my head comes first, so I’m certainly not going to quit or figuratively jump ships too quickly yet, but I’m getting ready to. My first move for this change is going to be this blog post. Like I said earlier, I haven’t been keeping up with this blog at all, and I ‘m not sure that I’ll do any regularly scheduled posts, but at the least I want to and intend to let my thoughts flow out here rather than being kept locked up in my mind as just invisible conversations to myself.

I’m excited! I’ve got people who support me in this move for a change, although they don’t realize I’ve coined this change as a cute little motivational blog title line. I’ve also got an updated resume, and a couple of jobs open that I intend to apply for. There’s no use just sitting around, unless you’re sitting to recover your HP (haha, does anyone get that joke?) I’m starting this week of optimistically. I hope and dream for the best. Let’s do this, me!